Millions of Non-Reading Children Worldwide Will Hear the Bible in Their Language

WARRENTON, MO — Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is excited to announce a partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH). FCBH has recorded the full Bible or parts of it in over 1,300 languages (and counting) so that readers and non-readers can hear the Bible for themselves using an app or other device. CEF has hundreds of thousands of international workers who can act as distributors, getting the app or devices to people.

Child Evangelism Fellowship and Faith Comes by Hearing formed a partnership as two Great Commission-focused organizations to reach the world for Jesus.

An estimated 70% of the world’s population are either oral cultures or can’t read well enough to understand the Bible. Faith Comes by Hearing focuses on making it possible for people to HEAR God’s Word at no cost in their own “heart” language. This takes place primarily through free Bible apps, but other special devices have been developed for groups and individuals.

CEF is a ministry which has been evangelizing children for 82 years and is organized in most countries of the world. CEF reaches well over 25 million children per year with face-to-face ministry, a number growing exponentially due to training nearly 400,000 teachers per year.

“Oddly enough, many impoverished people in the world own a smart phone that can download apps. So, the first phase of distribution is to get as many people as possible to utilize the free app.” says Moises Esteves, VP of International Ministries. The more expensive listening devices are distributed to children without access to phones or tablets.

The philosophy of CEF is to utilize trained national missionaries as much as possible. They know the language, understand the culture, have established networks, and require less support. These nationals make up 96% of the 3,500 paid CEF staff members. They, and their thousands of volunteer children’s workers can distribute FCBH’s Bible resources and facilitate continued discipleship.

The vision of FCBH is to record Scripture in every language of the world that needs it by the year 2033 and make the recordings freely available by every means possible. One of many examples is a partnership with LUMO Gospel Films—word-for-word movies of the Gospels created to be overlaid by any language recording and included in the FCBH app. People are riveted by the Bible when they can watch as well as listen, so this is a powerful tool.

CEF and FCBH have formed a natural partnership as two Great Commission-focused organizations who desire to reach every living soul with the good news of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international, nonprofit, Christian ministry that has been teaching the Bible to children since 1937. CEF has 400 offices in the USA and is organized in most nations of the world, with over 3,500 paid staff and hundreds of thousands of volunteers. In its last ministry year, CEF ministered to over 25 million children in its face-to-face teaching ministries.

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