Reflecting on Mob Violence Against Christians in Pakistan

JARANWALA, PUNJAB — Christians in Pakistan are considering how to rebuild their homes and churches in the aftermath of mob violence attacks on townships in Jaranwala, Punjab, following unsubstantiated allegations of blasphemy.

Christians were forced to meet in the open air on Sunday (August 20), after rioters burnt churches and destroyed their homes.

Partners of UK-based Release International held services out of doors after mobs set fire to houses, churches and bibles on August 16. Efforts are underway to galvanise emergency relief aid for the thousands of Christians driven from their homes.

This footage shows the scales of the attacks that took place last week.

Thousands of Muslim attack churches and Christian homes after mosque loudspeaker cry blasphemy.

Govt source says attack ‘a well thought out plan designed to spark chaos,’ according to Pakistan Observer.

Witnesses say up to 17 churches attacked, hundreds of homes destroyed. Bibles desecrated, says Moderator of Church of Pakistan.

2,000 accused of blasphemy, 88 murdered since 1987 on unproven allegations – Centre for Social Justice.

Release International warns of rising tide of intolerance, as men of violence search for pretexts to attack Christians.

About Release International

Release International is a Christian ministry working through local church partners in around 30 countries across the world, helping persecuted Christians prayerfully, pastorally and practically. The ministry was founded in 1968, inspired by the testimony and ministry of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Following the demise of Communism in Eastern Europe and the increase in the persecution of Christians elsewhere in the world, the Ministry broadened its activities and changed its name to Release International.

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