Movement Offers Older Americans ‘Digital Gateway’ to Retirement ‘With Purpose’

On Int’l Day of Older Persons, Oct. 1, Retirement Reformation embraces ‘digital equity’ for older generation; ‘we’re never over the hill’

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — A movement to shake up America’s “sleepy” retirement culture is launching a new digital push to help retirees find “real purpose” — marking the International Day of Older Persons, Oct. 1.

International Day of Older Persons - movement to shake up America "sleepy" retirement culture is launching help retirees find "real purpose"
AMERICA’S OLDIES ‘GO DIGITAL’ TO FIND PURPOSE IN RETIREMENT: The Retirement Reformation ( — a movement that aims to shake up America’s “sleepy” retirement culture — is launching a new digital push to help retirees find “real purpose” — marking the International Day of Older Persons, Oct. 1.

This year, the United Nations’ annual special day for older people spotlights the “digital gap” between young and old — and calls for “digital equity” for the older generation everywhere, including equal access to the Internet and online opportunities.

“The Internet is a vital tool for older Americans to explore how to live their retirement years with real purpose,” said 80-year-old Bruce Bruinsma, the energetic founder of the Retirement Reformation movement ( that aims to turn porch-swinging seniors into mission-driven dynamos. “We’re now offering new free digital resources online to help them plan a more fulfilling and purpose-driven retirement.”

Is Golf, Gardening All There Is?

“More than six out of every 10 Americans expect their retirement to last at least 15 years, but about the same number don’t have any specific plans beyond golf, gardening, and grandkids,” he said.

Bruinsma’s goal is to help retirees — and those approaching retirement — “discover what God wants you to do in your final quarter, and then step out and do it.”

Free digital resources available on the group’s website include a “get-started” coaching assessment, discussion starters, digital devotional, “next step” guide, and other helps.

“After a lifetime of work, the thought of a life of ‘doing nothing’ can seem like paradise,” said Bruinsma, author of The Retirement Reformation. “But I believe many people — including many Christians — have it all wrong, and they’re missing rewarding opportunities to serve God and others in their later years, when they could be the most effective they’ve ever been.”

Untapped Mission Force

Faith-based retirees represent a huge untapped mission force, with an estimated 50 million American Christians approaching or in retirement. By 2022, one-in-three U.S. workers will be 50 or older, according to seniors advocacy group AARP.

“We need to realize that in God’s eyes we’re never ‘over the hill,'” Bruinsma said. “The world wants us to fall into its retirement trap of self-indulgence and inertia.”

The Retirement Reformation, he said, will help older people “put into action, step-by-step, God’s best plan for their post-working years — and our free digital resources are the first step to discovering true fulfillment in retirement.”

About Retirement Reformation

Retirement Reformation ( was founded to help Christians approach retirement as an opportunity to worship and serve God in new ways, sharing their wisdom, experience and resources. It also assists churches and organizations in maximizing the gifts of a largely untapped constituency by equipping older members and supporters for active involvement in ministry.

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