National Religious Leaders React to the Passing of Dr. Pat Robertson

Statements from Greg Laurie, Dr. David Jeremiah, Rev. Sam Rodriguez, Dr. James Dobson, Nick Hall, Dr. Tim Clinton, and Stephen Strang

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — Following the death and passing of Dr. Pat Robertson, various Christian leaders have issued the following statements reflecting on his life and legacy:

Greg Laurie, Pastor and Evangelist, Harvest:

“Pat Robertson just went to be with the Lord. Pat was truly a Pioneer of the Evangelical world.

If there is a single word that would sum him up it would be, vision. It’s been said, ‘Faith sees invisible things’ and Pat applied his faith to the Great Commission to ‘go into all the world and preach the Gospel’ literally.

The result was millions of people came to a life-changing relationship with Christ through his television ministry.”

It was my honor to spend some time with him over the years and I can tell you that Pat was a truly kind and generous man. Thank God for his life and legacy. The world is a much better place because Pat Robertson was in it.”

Statement from Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and Salem Books on the death and passing of CBN and Regent University's Pat Robertson
Paparazzo Presents a photo of televangelist Pat Robertson taken during his February 12, 2006 Operation Blessing visit to Victory Fellowship Church in Metairie, Louisiana. Photo by Paparazzo Presents, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church:

“A kind and gracious servant went to be with Jesus today. Having had the opportunity to know Pat, it was clear he wanted everyone he met to experience the love of Christ and salvation for themselves. He was bold and brave, steadfast in his commitment to serve the Kingdom of God with his many giftings. He’ll indeed be missed, yet his legacy of sharing the Gospel – on the airwaves, worldwide – carries on. Praise God for that.”

Sam Rodriguez, President, NHCLC:

“Pat Robertson single-handedly transformed the world of broadcast journalism. To a great degree, he can be described as a modern-day Joshua who brought down the wall separating Christianity from broadcast journalism. Way beyond the legacy of CBN, the favor upon Dr. Robertson’s life cannot and will not be denied. As the founder of Regent University, he reconciled once again faith with the highest level of academic rigor.

“Yet, at the end of the day, Pat was primarily an evangelist. His desire and commitment to sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone without exception make Pat Robertson a Christian leader who, without one iota of doubt, changed the world.”

James Dobson, Ph.D., Founder, James Dobson Family Institute

“Sadly, within the last six months, a generation of Christian leaders has passed—Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. Jack Hayford, and now, Dr. Pat Robertson. All of these men were dear friends and had a profound spiritual impact on our nation.

Dr. Robertson was a giant among Christian leaders and contributed enormously to the cause of Christ. He led multiple millions to a saving knowledge of the gospel, and heaven will be populated by people who came under Pat’s influence. He pioneered Christian radio and television, paving the way for many of us who came behind.

We will miss him, especially now that America is experiencing a spiritual crisis. Pat always had a clear perspective on morality and truth, and he had the courage to stand for righteousness, whether it was popular or not.

Shirley and I express our sympathy, love, and concern to the Robertson family at this time of loss. We join the Christian community in praying for them.”

Nick Hall, Founder and President of Pulse:

“Pat Robertson’s life was one of tremendous impact, and he was always incredibly kind and gracious to me. As an evangelist, his message impacted millions through live and digital efforts. I will never forget hearing his voice in my home as the 700 Club was on. A true innovator and statesman, his legacy lives on.”

Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors:

“We are saddened to hear of the passing of Pat Robertson, a Christian powerhouse, who dedicated his life to glorifying the Lord. His impact will live on for generations to come, as someone who remained steadfast in his Christian faith and values, no matter what was thrown his way. During this time, we are praying for his family’s peace and strength as they navigate this difficult loss.”

Stephen E. Strang, author of the new book Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World and founder and CEO of Charisma Media:

“Pat Robertson will be remembered as a giant among other christian leaders. His legacy in media, his support of conservative values in the political realm and his founding of Regent University mean his influence will continue for generations. He was an early charismatic and helped that movement get off the ground. Then over the years he was a voice of reason. He was also an example of integrity. Even though his critics loved to trash him, he lived a life of virtue and righteousness. This comes out in his book “I Have Walked With the Living God” which is his autobiography which I had the privilege of publishing. Even though I’m a generation younger I got to know him well and always considered him an example to emulate.”

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