New Digital Weekend Curriculum ‘Brite’ from Awana Prepares the Church for 2050

STREAMWOOD, IL — Awana®, historically known for its midweek curriculum discipleship programs for children and youth, has released a new digital weekend curriculum “Brite,” now available via subscription. The flexible, engaging Bible lessons for elementary and student age groups fit Sunday school, large or small group models, as well as home discipleship.

Awana, known for its midweek curriculum discipleship programs for children and youth, has released a new digital weekend curriculum “Brite,”

Awana practitioners and thought leaders designed Brite around one central question: What produces long-term fruit in the lives of kids into their adulthood?

“Today’s kids are going to need a heightened level of spiritual resilience to lead the Church of 2050, as the cultural gap between the secular worldview and the Church continues to widen,” says Awana President and Chief Strategy Officer Matt Markins. In his book Resilient, co-authored with Awana CEO Valerie Bell, Markins explains the Resilient Child Discipleship Philosophy.

“Resilience is learned, not automatic. When just one loving, caring adult consistently engages in the life of a child, their chances of being a life-long resilient disciple of Christ increases dramatically. This should cause the church to ask new questions about how we invest our time, energy and resources to reach and disciple children in our local church.”

With Brite, kids learn to apply God’s Word through the 3B’s of Resilient Child Discipleship: Belonging, Believing, and Becoming. Brite’s robust three-year scope and sequence explores the Bible from cover to cover. It combines gospel-focused teaching with biblically sound lessons, Scripture engagement through guided conversations, and engaging media.

Training resources, including digital lesson tools and a podcast, support parents and leaders throughout the discipleship journey. An introductory video is available here:

Children’s ministry leaders who participated in a field test for Brite describe it as fun, adaptable, and easy to teach.

“The curriculum is engaging and children leave knowing the Bible story, seeing how it points to Jesus, and are challenged to take what they learned to the community,” one leader explains.

Brite’s digital accessibility and lesson plan flexibility make it especially helpful for churches during the coronavirus epidemic, as ministries decide whether to meet in person, at home, or online.

Subscription prices are based on the number of students using Brite, so it’s affordable for any size group. For churches navigating financial hardship, Awana also offers scholarships, made possible by faithful ministry donors.

More information and a 4-week free sample are available for download at The Resilient Child Discipleship Philosophy is further explained at

Awana is the global leader in child and youth discipleship, equipping local volunteers in churches around the world with biblical evangelism and discipleship solutions so that today’s children may become tomorrow’s Christian leaders, in every aspect of society and culture.

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