New Choose Life License Plate Unveiled in Georgia

NORCROSS, GA — Choose Life of Georgia today presented the new “Choose Life” license plate to Governor Brian Kemp. It is now available for those who want to promote the preciousness of all human life.

Choose Life presented the new "Choose Life" license plate. It is now available for those who want to promote the preciousness of all human life.
Choose Life board member Amy Shirley, left, joins president Karen LaBarr and graphic designer Adam Houston in unveiling the new Choose Life license plate to Governor Brian Kemp.

The new design depicts an infant’s hand resting in an adult’s hand. It replaces the original plate that featured an image of two children.

“Our message is that every child—born or pre-born—deserves loving protection and support,” explained Karen LaBarr, Choose Life President. “We especially want to encourage expectant women to choose life for their babies by parenting them or by entrusting them to adoptive parents.”

In 2006, then-Senator Brian Kemp sponsored the legislation and constitutional amendment that authorized creation of the “Choose Life” license plate among 30 others, allowing the state to share revenue with the various non-profits. Both passed overwhelmingly with bipartisan support.

A portion of each annual special tag fee is received by Choose Life of Georgia. These funds are passed on to qualified non-profit clinics and centers that provide compassionate care to young girls, women and families trying to navigate the circumstances common to unplanned pregnancy. Some of the clinics provide free ultrasounds and other medical services.

First available in 2007, there are approximately 3,000 Choose Life plates on Georgia highways today. The plates have generated nearly $400,000 in revenues distributed to help those in unexpected pregnancy.

“Thousands of couples would gladly adopt the 30,000 babies lost to abortion each year in Georgia, and resources are available to help those who decide to parent,” LaBarr said. “Our license plates carry a message of hope and love for women and their unborn babies.”

CONTACT: Karen LaBarr, President, (770) 363-6526

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