Nigerian Pastors at Odds Come Together for Bible Translation Conference, Request Launch of 250 New Projects

Orlando, FL — Wycliffe Associates, an international organization involving people in the advancement of Bible translation, hopes to soon launch new Bible translation projects for 250 language groups in Nigeria that are without the Scriptures in their heart language.

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“The Christians there are pleading with us for the tools, technology, and training so they can start translating the Scriptures now,” said Bruce Smith, President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates.

“For them, this isn’t a ‘nice project.’ This is life or death.”

In recent months, hundreds of people in Nigeria have been slaughtered in tribal fighting, and for years Nigerians have suffered brutal violence and kidnappings at the hands of the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. Decades of tribal differences also have put people at odds with each other.

Recently, Wycliffe Associates hosted Nigerian pastors at a one-week conference to introduce the collaborative Bible translation method known as Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation, or MAST, which significantly reduces translation time. Over 80 pastors attended, with an additional 15 pastors joining the conference before the week was over.

The pastors compiled a list of 250 language groups in Nigeria that need Bible translation, groups where churches already exist but haven’t had a way to translate the Scriptures into their heart languages.

“One pastor told us he had never seen representatives from so many different language groups together in one place,” said Smith.

“For decades, they’ve been tragically locked in bitter conflict with each other. At first, they wouldn’t even speak to each other. But God’s Word softened hearts, and previously warring factions agreed to work together for the sake of bringing peace to their people.”

This caught the attention of a Nigerian governor who leads a state of 3.2 million people. He invited the Wycliffe Associates team to his office and personally encouraged them to continue translating the Scriptures into the language of his people, recognizing the potential of Bible translation to bring peace to his nation.

“Never before have we seen government officials in Nigeria involved in national Bible translation,” Smith said.

“But this is no ordinary time. And Nigeria is no ordinary place. This is a place of desperation—and time is running out for them.”

“In the heart of Nigeria, a place of intense tribal warfare, a land of such spiritual darkness that people groups have refused even to speak to one another for years, we are witnessing a miracle,” said Smith.

Worldwide, more than 600 language groups have asked Wycliffe Associates to help them launch MAST-method Bible translations this year.

About Wycliffe Associates

One of the world’s leading Bible translation organizations, Wycliffe Associates was organized in 1967 by friends of Bible translators to accelerate the work of Bible translation. Wycliffe Associates empowers national Bible translators to provide God’s Word in their own language, partners with the local church to direct and guard translation work, harnessing their passion and desire for God’s Word, and engages people from all around the world to provide resources, technology, training, and support for Bible translation.

Because millions of people around the world still wait to have the Scriptures in the language of their hearts, Wycliffe Associates is working as quickly as it can to see every verse of God’s Word translated into every tongue to speak to every heart. Wycliffe Associates is directly involved with speeding Bible translation by providing technology, training, resources, logistics, networking, expertise, volunteers, discipleship, church planting, and support. Last year, 7,402 Wycliffe Associates staff and volunteers worked to speed Bible translations in 94 countries. For more information, please see

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