Operation Mobilisation Helps Viktoria’s Family Find Refuge in Poland

POLAND — Viktoria, a Ukrainian mother of two, shares her story of seeking refuge from war. It’s one that echoes so many others now fleeing the country who are receiving practical and spiritual support from OM and their church partners and volunteers.

“My name is Viktoria and I am from Ukraine, from the Rivne region. I have a husband, Roman. He is now in Ukraine.”

Viktoria fled to Poland with her two small children and her mother. Her husband had to stay behind due to the conflict.

“It’s very hard to cross a border with a newborn. It was very difficult because there were many children in the bus and they are crying and they are ask ‘Mom where are we going?’ Moms were on the phones with their husbands and they are talking about the situation in Ukraine, in Kyiv. And for my husband it’s very difficult for him also, not only for me. My daughter heard many stories about how Ukrainians died, about children who died.

“And she asked, ‘Why mom, why?’ I answer that it’s a war. But you can pray for our dad, for our grandma and for your uncle, Radim. And maybe one day we will see them.”

In response to the thousands of Ukrainians like Viktoria and her family seeking refuge in Poland, OM has been working to place families in homes and provide essential needs as well as emotional support and care.

“The OM Church’s help for us was with food and things for my babies for my mom – very simple, but very useful things. And now we have a flat and somewhere to sleep. We have food to eat. I would like to say thank you for people who have big hearts.”

OM and our church partners and volunteers will continue to welcome and serve those who come seeking refuge.

“We often say that ‘I love you,’ because we understand that every moment is a gift.”

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