Pandemic Makes Our Words More Important than Ever

CHARLESTON, SC — The fourteenth annual celebration of Say Something Nice Sunday is scheduled for June 7, this year. It is a time to say nice things to those who make our lives easier. During this pandemic, our words are even more important. We have been unable to go about our normal lives. We are with the same people day in and day out for weeks thus adding to our frustration.

The fourteenth annual celebration of Say Something Nice Sunday is scheduled for June 7, this year. During this pandemic our words are even more important.The celebration is endorsed by many denominations and institutions. Numerous denominations and individual churches taking part. It is a time to pay tribute to those people in our lives who have made our days better.

One leader wrote, “Say Something Nice Sunday certainly seems like a great idea to me. How wonderful it would be if all churches and their members decided to say something positive about other Christians and Christian groups at least one Sunday per year in recognition of our common belief in Christ.” In passing a resolution titled, Unity in the Body, the South Carolina Baptist Convention declared, “That we encourage and support activities or programs that will help establish a positive dialogue between Christians and with non-Christians that honors Christ.”

It is a time to refrain from negative comments that poison the air around us. Once words are spoken they can never be recalled. The Rev. Dr. Marshall R. Blalock, pastor of First Baptist Church said, “Our world has been divided long enough – let’s build relationships that can change it, starting right here.”

The program was launched in 2007 by First Baptist Church of Charleston, SC, the oldest Baptist congregation in the South. It was quickly endorsed by the Baptist Association of Charleston, the second oldest Baptist association in America, and the Charleston/Atlantic Presbytery.

The celebration will be different this year because most congregations are worshiping through the internet. Since in-person greetings are not recommended there is a wonderful substitute. Contact at least three people during the week. Speak words of encouragement to each of them that will help them on their journey. Ask those three people to call three other people. We can change our world for the better with our words.

Free materials are available at Click on Messages/Resources at the top of the page. Scroll down to find Say Something Nice.


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