Save the Storks Launches New YouVersion Devotional

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Save the Storks announced today that its new interactive devotional is now live on one of the largest Bible apps available– YouVersion. It’s an immersive 30-day experience created to help the church talk about the issue of abortion with love and compassion.

Reimagining Pro-Life: 30 Days with Save the Storks is to help congregations approach the issue of abortion and help abortion-minded women choose life.

Created for churches and small groups, Reimagining Pro-Life: 30 Days with Save the Storks is a tool to help pastors and congregations approach the issue of abortion and help abortion-minded women choose life. The devotional plan also comes with videos to help guide the discussion and illustrate the topics in greater depth

“We are encouraging pastors across America to announce this new devotional and teaching resource and let church attendees know it is an innovative and compassionate way to talk about the pro-life issue in their communities,” said Joseph Schmidt, Director of Solutions for Save the Storks and project manager for the devotional.

Lifeway Research found that 36 percent of women who have had an abortion were regularly attending church when they made their decision. The same study shows that the majority of these women felt that the church was not a safe place to talk about their unplanned pregnancy.

“This resource is meant to give followers of Jesus a place to learn about the issue and empower the Church to take up its vital role of radiating grace to women in the midst of the divisively charged waters surrounding abortion,” said Niki Parks, co-founder of Heartwork, and author of the devotional.

The devotional Bible reading plan is being released on YouVersion the week of Sanctity of Life Sunday. On Jan. 19, churches around the United States will celebrate God’s gift of life, commemorate the thousands of lives lost to abortion, and commit themselves to protect human life at every stage.

The devotional will also be made available in paperback and the first copies released at the Stork Charity Ball in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 23, 2020.

All content will also be available at on Jan. 23, 2020.

Start the Reimagining Pro-Life devotional plan here:

Download YouVersion Bible app here:

Save the Storks‘ mission is to reimagine the meaning of pro-life. This organization partners with pregnancy resource centers across the United States to help them empower women to choose life. Save the Storks has captured the imagination of millions with their innovative fleet of Mobile Medical Units, known as the Stork Bus.

Heartwork is a discipleship resource ministry that connects the heart and hands of the Church to the needs of the vulnerable, and is the content partner for Reimagining Pro-Life. In addition to 30 Days with Save the Storks, Founders Jeremiah and Niki Parks have created Heartwork devotionals for Compassion International and other ministries, and work with student groups to raise money for poverty relief and development projects in the United States and around the world.

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