Redigging the Wells of Revival

Fasting & Prayer at the Site of Azusa Revival – 9/11/2021

LOS ANGELES – The mission for ‘Redigging the Wells of Revival’ is to have solemn assemblies to pray and fast for revival in the nations of the world. Here in the US, we are envisioning all fifty states to have fasting & prayer gatherings at sites of revivals.

The mission for Redigging the Wells of Revival is to have solemn assemblies to pray and fast for revival in the nations of the world.All the gatherings will be on Saturday, September 11th, 2021. This is a 9/11 moment for the nations of the world and for the church. This is the first time after World War II that all the nations of the world have been crippled by a global crisis and are desperate to overcome it. There is so much fear in the hearts of the people. This is the time, the Church (Ecclesia) should seize this moment and intercede for revival. We are partnering with various national and global prayer ministries like The Return, 10 days, Harvest prayer ministries and many other prayer networks and ministries.

‘Redigging the Wells of Revival’ gathering in Los Angeles is hosted by The Potter’s Ministries based in San Jose, CA, on September 11th to fast & pray from 9 am PST to 6 pm PST. The mighty man of God, Lou Engle from Lou Engle Ministries will be our guest speaker who will be joining us via video on that day. We welcome all pastors, all leaders and intercessors from the local churches and ministries in and around Los Angeles area to participate in this strategic prayer initiative. We invite you to register TODAY to attend this significant gathering. Here is the link for information and registration

This God given vision is based on Genesis 26:18 where Isaac dug again the wells that were dug during the days of his father Abraham. The California gathering will be at the site of Azusa Revival in Los Angeles. For more information on global sites that are hosting this gathering and a complete list of prayer leaders for this year’s gathering in Los Angeles, CA could be found at

We thank God for our media partners GOD TV ( and Global Net TV ( who will be broadcasting the event globally on their digital platform.

“Our only solution to the crisis that America and the nations face is a transforming revival” said pastor Cyril Rayan who is the co-founder of The Potter’s Ministries and the Blessing church in San Jose, CA. His wife, Pastor Jemima Rayan, said that “Our churches need to become houses of prayer for all nations.”

David Andrade, from Global Net TV ( said that as Isaac dug again the wells that Abraham had dug, we must become the Isaacs of this generation to redig wells of revival.
Would you be that Isaac who is willing to dig the wells of revival?

For more information on The Potter’s Ministries please visit To book interviews and find out more about “Redigging the wells of Revival” contact or text him at (408) 568- 2597. May God richly bless you!

CONTACT: Cyril Rayan, 408-568-2597,

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Source: Christian News Wire, Redigging the Wells of Revival

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