Millennials are Mobilizing to Support More than 150 Ministries in the Middle East and North Africa

WASHINGTON — In a recent national survey, the MENA Collective, a new organization publicly launching November 1, 2019, asked active, church-going millennials their thoughts regarding giving and the Middle East. Their findings show that almost half of those surveyed did not trust their local church when it comes to giving their money.

Equally surprising was that only 3 percent of the Christians surveyed associated the Middle East with the persecuted church. The forecast for Christian philanthropy and apathy are not bright, and that’s precisely why the MENA Collective is stepping in to create a new giving community where none exists.

From the war then borders of Syria to the historic Christian communities of North Africa, the Christian church in the Middle East faces imminent extinction.

From the war torn borders of Syria to the historic Christian communities of North Africa, the Christian church in the Middle East faces imminent extinction. Supporting local Christian communities is critical to the survival of Christianity in the region, and motivating the largest generation to rethink what generosity means to them is proving a key piece in the struggle for survival.

The average American churchgoer knows little to nothing about the Middle East or even the strong Christian heritage found in North Africa (like the fact that Libya was the birth country of Mark, the Evangelist, and Gospel writer). The MENA Collective hopes to change the narrative of the Middle East, reintroduce Christians to their spiritual heritage, and support the churches that are so faithfully serving in one of the most hostile regions in the world.

Thanks to a group of seed supporters, The MENA Collective is being launched to connect donors of all ages to more than 150 of the most effective churches, Christian NGOs, biblical training centers and grassroots organizations in 22 countries across the Greater Middle East.

Donors can choose for their gifts to go directly to specific ministries under one initiative, such as “Refugee Relief” or to the general fund. Thanks to a dedicated group of donors who cover the operating costs, 100% of gifts received will go to ministry partners. MENA Collective supports established ministries and newer organizations like The Community (TC) in Egypt, one of the first centers of its kind responding to drug addiction among young adults with accountability groups and Cross fit training.

Launching November 1, 2019, giving to the MENA Collective goes way beyond a regular bank withdrawal. MENA Collective donors become members of a community. They gain access to private gatherings with crucial ministry leaders from the region where they will learn first hand how their funds will be used and the direct impact their gift is having.

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