Rock House Center Helps Clients Find Peace from Emotional Distress and Freedom from Self-Destructive Behavior

Biblical counseling at Rock House Center offers hope where other treatments have fallen short

BRENTWOOD, TN — John and Beth Murphy founded Rock House Center more than 15 years ago to help Christians draw on their faith for solutions to difficult life issues. Rock House Center’s unique approach to biblical counseling addresses the root causes of emotional suffering, self-defeating behaviors and troubled relationships.

John & Beth Murphy founded Rock House Center 15 plus years ago to help Christians draw on their faith for solutions to difficult life issues
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“John and Beth have recognized that the only way to help people get through their times of brokenness is to go to the Creator and His instruction manual, to be transformed into the image that we were created to reflect,” said Michael, a Rock House# Center client. “Through this process, I have lost over 70 pounds, found peace and answers for my depression and anxiety and learned that the answers can only come from the One who created me.”

A study verified by an independent third-party, Blankenship CPA Group, PLLC, showed that Rock House Center clients reported significant improvement for issues such as:

  • 81% average improvement in depression
  • 70% average improvement in anxiety and worry
  • 81% average improvement in grief
  • 72% average improvement in addictions
  • 77% average improvement in eating issues and weight control

Additional results are available at

“From my own transformation, I know how fulfilling and freeing it is to get on the path to freedom from struggles,” said John Murphy, Rock House# Center founder. “It’s an amazing privilege to watch others find peace as they work through the counseling or programs we offer at Rock House Center.”

About Rock House Center

Since 2006, Rock House# Center has provided biblical counseling to promote spiritual health and healing to those suffering from troubled relationships, emotional distress and self-destructive behavior. Their proprietary Motive Transition Therapy is the key to the superior and consistent results clients experience. MTT uncovers the root cause of negative emotions and unwanted behaviors, and is based on the premise that spiritual wellbeing is the foundation of mental health and every life issue can be improved by relying on biblical principles. The therapy is founded on the principles in Murphy’s book Be Transformed: New Life Awaits. For more information visit

CONTACT: Beth Tallent, 615-429-0483,

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