Sacramento Pregnancy Center Serves Over 1,000 During COVID Diaper Drive-through

The center supplies essential resources, diapers, wipes to local moms and families in need during COVID-19

SACRAMENTO, CA — Alternatives Pregnancy Center, a pro-life medical clinic and resource for women in Sacramento, Calif. created a COVID Diaper Drive-through to help moms affected by the coronavirus outbreak.Alternatives Pregnancy Center, a pro-life medical clinic & resource for women, created a diaper drive-through to help moms during COVID 19 outbreak.

“When this pandemic hit, we had people calling our clinic who had lost their jobs and needed diapers. At this point, people were hoarding diapers and wipes. So we gave them out to people who called,” said Heidi Matzke, the executive director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center.

But Matzke and her staff soon realized the need was even greater than they expected. They started calling local churches asking if there were women and families in their congregations who needed diapers. Then a local news station did a story on what they were doing.

The next day, Matzke said they had over 3,500 messages from people calling about diapers. That’s when the COVID Diaper Drive-through was born.

The center set up its mobile unit outside the clinic and scheduled pick-up times with people. Families would pull up in their car and receive diapers, wipes, a note, and a Bible verse. The pregnancy center gave away supplies to over 1,000 people in the Sacramento area over a two-week period.

“So many people said ‘Wow, you’re pro-life? We thought pro-life was something else, thank you so much for diapers,'” Matzke said. “We’re helping to reshape and reform what people think about pregnancy centers. There’s a misconception that we don’t care about women. This opportunity helped us to reshape that narrative.”

Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are meeting the needs of their communities all across the United States. Most offer access to free resources like diapers, formula, wipes, baby clothes, and more.

Save the Storks has over 60 PRC affiliates. You can learn more about them at and read more about how COVID-19 is affecting pregnancy resource centers here.

About Save the Storks

Save the Storks‘ mission is to revolutionize the meaning of pro-life. This organization partners with pregnancy resource centers across the United States to provide them with resources and empower women to choose life. Save the Storks has captured the imagination of millions with their innovative fleet of Mercedes-Benz Mobile Medical Units, known as the Stork Bus.

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