The Luis Palau Association and Gloo Launch a Free, First-of-its-Kind Evangelism Master Class to Christ Followers Across the U.S.

PORTLAND, OR — With spiritual openness on the rise in the U.S., Kevin Palau and missiologist Ed Stetzer saw a strategic opportunity to galvanize the Church. Over the past few years, more than 40,000 churches in the U.S. have joined an online platform that routes spiritually curious people to volunteers in local churches—and provides resources to equip these churches as well. This year, this online platform (known as Gloo) asked the Luis Palau Association to bring together the brightest voices in evangelism to create the first-ever Evangelism Master Class.

The Luis Palau Association, Gloo, and He Gets Us Launch a Free, First-of-its-Kind Evangelism Master Class to Christ Followers Across the U.S.
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The Luis Palau Association has been working in collaborative partnership with the Church for more than 60 years. They aim to give every person on the earth a chance to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ—always working with, through, and for the local church. Based in Portland, Oregon, LPA’s 60 years of experience in cities across the United States has revealed that despite church leaders believing in the existential priority of evangelism, few believe that their church’s Gospel-sharing efforts are bearing fruit. They are asking for help.

Each of the 8 video sessions in this course, hosted by Kevin Palau (President of The Luis Palau Association) and Ed Stetzer (dean of the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University) runs approximately 25 minutes long, delivering expert knowledge made accessible by 18 key evangelistic leaders. You can easily share Engaging Culture: an Evangelism Master Class with your church or ministry. It’s intentionally crafted for versatility: to be used in small groups, with leaders and staff, or by individuals. The included practical application guides help foster group discussion, moving participants, through Jesus’ compassion, into tangible, culturally informed evangelistic action.

“This course challenges Christ-followers to reconnect with God-given compassion that may have been eroded by weariness, cynicism, or defensiveness,” says Kevin Palau. He emphasizes that this series diverges from most evangelism training: “We’re not asking people to ‘just be bold’ or muscle their way into sharing the Gospel in an inauthentic, uncomfortable way. It’s all anchored in the life of Jesus, and that’s why it has the potential to usher the American Church into an evangelistic way of being that is the unstoppable outflow of a life centered in Christ’s compassionate love—not just feeling it, but translating into Gospel-sharing action.”

Ed Stetzer shared, “This master class features an incredible lineup of teachers and facilitators that not only speak about evangelism but put it into action everywhere they go.”

These key leaders include Christine Caine, Mark Mittelberg, Lisa Fields, Tyler Staton, Andrew and Wendy Palau, Rebecca McLaughlin, and many more. Within each episode, a keynote speaker leads the way in addressing common cultural barriers to evangelism and reveals the opportunities God has given us within those same challenges. Then, Ed and Kevin host rubber-meets-the-road conversations with vocational ministry leaders to better understand how Gospel sharing plays out in everyday life. As each episode draws to a close, viewers receive a practical challenge to engage culture in their own lives.

If you’re interested in bringing Engaging Culture: an Evangelism Master Class to your community, you can visit to take your first step to connect compassionately with the people Jesus loves.

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