The Renewal Initiative Launches Global Mission To Restore Dignity, Hope In Despair-Ravaged Places

‘Renewal Retreats’ to bring mental health profesionals to Ukraine to support frontline relief workers exhausted by trauma of war

WASHINGTON — Organizers are pleased to announce the launch of The Renewal Initiative (TRI), a dynamic nonprofit organization committed to restoring dignity and hope where it has been stolen or lost. TRI aims to rejuvenate lives and communities grappling with adversity via compassion, advocacy, relief efforts and education.

The Renewal Initiative to rejuvenate lives and communities grappling with adversity via compassion, advocacy, relief efforts and education“There’s no shortage of awful things happening in our world,” said Andrew Moroz, founder of TRI. “Our goal is to step into challenging circumstances, to connect people and resources to uplift and empower the vulnerable.”

TRI has focused its recent attention on aid distribution to some of the most war-ravaged regions of Ukraine since the 2022 full-scale invasion by Russia. Efforts include food distribution to internally displaced people, the delivery of emergency power generators to local communities and emergency medical supplies to the frontlines of the war.

In 2024, TRI will host “Renewal Retreats” in Ukraine, bringing volunteer US-based mental health professionals and organizations to offer mental health services to frontline relief workers exhausted from serving amidst the trauma of war.

Founded on the belief that every individual and community deserves the opportunity for renewal, TRI promises a compassionate, collaborative and courageous approach to restoration. Understanding the diverse needs of those it serves, TRI will leverage powerful partnerships to drive transformative and mutual change while confronting adversity.

TRI’s strategic approach involves three key pillars:

  • Advocacy — amplify the stories and needs of vulnerable people to build support for those in despair.
  • Relief— obtain and deliver aid that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those in distress.
  • Education — train individuals and organizations to aid vulnerable communities and equip individuals within those communities to effectively care for themselves and others.

The Renewal Initiative invites individuals, businesses, organizations and communities to join its journey to foster meaningful renewal where it is needed most.

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About The Renewal Initiative

The Renewal Initiative is dedicated to restoring dignity and hope in areas affected by adversity through compassionate advocacy, relief efforts and education. TRI connects people and resources with vulnerable individuals and communities around the world.

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