UK Sponsor Drives 24 Hours to Meet Ukrainian Refugee Family

UKRAINE — Ken Gratton a Mercy Projects volunteer from the UK has been driving through some of the most dangerous parts of Ukraine to transport aid and get refugee mothers, children, and family to safety. But he was determined to meet one particular family who he has been sponsoring through the Christian charity Mercy Projects. After an exhausting 24 hour journey it was well worth the long drive for Ken to finally meet the Vorovski family.

Over the past month since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine began, Ken Gratton, a British volunteer with the Christian charity Mercy Projects has driven over 20,000 miles transporting aid and rescuing women and children from some of the worst hit parts of Ukraine and driving them to places of safety.

But one of his most recent journeys was very personal to him as he drove for 24 hours to meet the Vorovski family for the very first time, who he sponsors through Mercy Projects.

The mother and father and their 5 children escaped from Kiev early in the war and were offered a small house from a Polish family.

Ken and the Mercy Projects team was able to bring them a months worth of food and enough money to help meet their needs over the next six months.

Mr and Mrs Vorovski:

I was astonished, I was surprised that someone would come all the way to us and through all the check points just to meet us. We are so thankful.

And Ken concluded by sharing what this moment meant to him to finally meet the Vorovski family.

Ken Gratton:

Well I’m overjoyed because, when the war started, I was concerned for their safety. When I came to help here in Ukraine I just kept asking everyone, “Where is the family? Are they safe?” And I got some good news about four days ago that they were safe and I had to come and see them.

And Mercy Projects sponsorship program is continuing to provide practical support to some of the most vulnerable families impacted by this conflict in Ukraine.

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About Mercy Projects

Mercy Projects ( is a faith based agency committed to child and family development domestically and internationally. They work with at-risk young people to provide for basic needs as well as better education opportunities. Their focus is on the younger generation, the two million “children at risk” living in the former Soviet Union regions who need assistance to become healthy well adjusted adults. They identify those at risk and design support programs together with church and ministry partners to assist young people in their development. They currently are working in: Ukraine, Kosovo, Russia, Armenia, & our own backyard (Riverside County, CA).

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