Venezuelan Residents in Medellín Find Material Aid and Spiritual Hope

ACAPULCO — Thousands of Venezuelans enter Colombian territory daily. Many continue their journey towards other countries, but most settle in major cities within Colombia. In Medellín, Venezuelan immigrants discover more than just material assistance at churches.

Diego and Luis are two Venezuelan pastors who arrived in Medellín, Colombia, several months ago, despite being foreigners themselves, they have a clear calling to minister to their fellow Venezuelan nationals.

Luis TorresVenezuelan pastor in Colombia:

“The evangelistic call that the Lord established during this time here in Colombia requires men and women who know the reality of the Venezuelan.”

Diego SalazarVenezuelan pastor in Colombia:

“Without boasting, the level of faith developed by the Christian Church in Venezuela has been great because in a country where there is nothing, where you must see God’s hand to eat, we have brought us to this land to speak about faith and speak about what God does.”

According to estimated figures, only around 100,000 Venezuelans would be present in Antioquia department, which includes Medellín.

Pastor Ricardo Argüello from the church Casa Sobre La Roca explains how churches attend to the migrant population.

Ricardo ArgüelloIglesia Casa sobre la Roca:

“Firstly, spiritual attention, secondly, material attention. We cannot simply say ‘God bless you and send them away.’ We need to give them food, we need to welcome them.”

In another part of the city, Pastor Jorge Carrillo opens his church doors to provide talks to Venezuelans about accessing free healthcare services.

Carillo assures that, in his church with 300 members, 90 are immigrant Venezuelans.

Jorge CarrilloIglesia Fuego Avivador:

“We are talking about a 25–30 percent who are Venezuelan brothers. I had two Sunday services and it was necessary to open a third one because people did not fit anymore.”

Pastors Diego and Luis opened a small church where almost all congregants are Venezuelan. Here, they address the spiritual needs of their compatriots while also offering a free lunch after the service.

Luis Torres:

“There is hope for Venezuela, there is hope for the Venezuelans, there is hope for each one of those Venezuelans who left their country and left home, family, possessions, career, life…”.

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