Women’s Ministry in the Republic of Moldova

REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA — A women’s ministry was organized in the Republic of Moldova, which has verse 11 from Psalm 68 as its motto: “ The Lord giveth the word: the women that publish the tidings are a great host.” Women, regardless of denomination, of different ages and social status, are helped to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God and to pass it on to younger generations. The women’s ministry from the Republic of Moldova is structured in four directions: Bible study, prayer, evangelism and helping.

Eugenia Podoleanu, Republica Moldova:

We motivate the women of the country to know this Word, to discern this Word of God, to live this Word of God, to pass it on to other generations so then, this army of women that know this Good News, live it and share it, to become this force and this power, power to share the Gospel, that is a transforming power in our lives. And then we unite all women, young and old, regardless of status, regardless of social position, we are together around the Word, united by the bond of prayer and motivated to a life of service of an authentic faith.

I believe we are living in times of grace and religious freedom and we thank God for the openness women have towards the Gospel and towards the ministry. We are happy to see how this principle of discipling can be passed from generation to generation. We thank God that He gave us wisdom also, and prudence in creating Bible study material for women throughout the country, a manual which we called “Bible Study Guide” with the title “ Women of yesterday – impact over centuries” This material brings us closer to the Word, helps us stay in the Word, it helps not deviate to the right or to the left, but to grow in God’s truth. And I am grateful that we are at our tenth edition of this instrument of ministry and we thank God, that through this medium, has helped us reach the hearts of women in any generation.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Women’s Ministry in the Republic of Moldova

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