New ‘I Am Second’ Film Tells Immigrant’s Story of Starting Over: ‘From Nothing to Everything’

Cuban National Encourages Other Immigrants to Maintain Hope Through Hardship

PLANO, TX — In the new White Chair Film released by global storytelling organization I Am Second, Cuban-born immigrant and Dallas-area megachurch pastor Gilberto Corredera shares about his surprising transformation, the difficult transition of moving his family to America and how his dreams ultimately came true.

Global storytelling organization I Am Second, pastor Gilberto Corredera shares about his surprising transformation.Growing up during the hardships of Cuban communism, a broken home life with an alcoholic father and teenage years on the streets, Corredera was an unlikely candidate to become a church pastor. But, when he was 18, a friend told him something he had never heard before and he decided to put his faith in Jesus Christ. He began sharing God’s love, leading a personal ministry in Cuba. Eventually, however, Corredera had to leave Cuba to take advantage of the rare opportunity to give his wife and two young daughters a better life in the United States, even though this meant starting over.

“When we moved to America, the only thing that I wanted was a better future for my family and the opportunity to keep doing my ministry,” shared Corredera. “When I started looking for a job, the only job that I could find was washing dishes. And, honestly, that was shocking for me; that took all my pride away…[It] was a very difficult time of tears and prayers.”

He continued working diligently in his humble job position, motivated by the necessity of providing for his family.

It was within his burdensome toil that he found hope. Working alongside fellow Spanish speakers from different cultures presented Corredera with a special camaraderie that created a profound impact in the lives of those around him. Beyond becoming an inspirational voice of encouragement and joy for other immigrants, this humbling opportunity changed everything for Corredera, eventually opening doors for him to follow his dreams.

“Being in a new country can be difficult because no matter what you were back in your country — maybe you were a doctor, an engineer, a teacher — sometimes you have to start from nothing,” Corredera candidly continues. “In my case, [that meant] washing dishes. For others, it’s working in a restaurant [or] cleaning houses. My [advice] is always don’t lose hope, keep working hard [and] keep pushing, because it’s worth it. And at the end of the day there is hope.”

Today, Corredera is the pastor of Prestonwood in Español, a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church, located in Plano, Texas. He leads over 3,000 members across three campuses and reaches people in 59 countries through Prestonwood’s weekly broadcast ministry.

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