New Superhero Fights Galactic Spiritual War for Children

UNITED STATES — In response to the spiritual war that has occurred in recent years in children’s content, a pastor from the United States has created “The Galactic Adventures of Captain Zepto,” a series of comics that aim to preserve the innocence of children and convey moral and biblical values.

Pastor Han Kuhneman of Omaha, Nebraska, says that when he grew up in the 70s, families didn’t have to worry about the content that children consumed, because it was assumed that it was suitable for the whole family.

But now, according to Pastor Hank Kunnemann, times have changed.

Pastor Hank Kunnemann

Where can you find good and healthy cartoons today?  That they don’t have an agenda that is trying to steal the innocence of your children. As grandparents or parents, you don’t feel safe when you leave the room because you don’t know what you’re teaching your children.

Kunnemann is a pastor of the Lord of the Armies Church in Omaha, but he is also an expert in digital animation and has developed a series of comics to defend the hearts and minds of children.

Captain Septo’s galactic adventures ensure being far from the twisted and dark animation that can be seen in comic book stores and on television today.

Pastor Hank:

I’m trying to teach them biblical and moral lessons, and to get them to laugh, because as a child, you must be protected.

In the comic, Captain Sept is described as a character with a big heart, who wants to defend the children from the dangerous actions perpetrated by his antagonist, Dr. Absorb. The target audience of the animated characters are the 4 to 12 year old children, and Pastor Kuneman says he is praying for these characters to win the hearts of these children.

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