Easter Rabbits Can Help Give Families a Future


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Farm animals can provide income to those who are in need. These animals may provide milk or their young may be sold for a price that will take care of the family. Either way, people may wonder why this kindness was shown to them and it provides opportunities for Christians to show Christ’s love in a practical way.

Living Below Poverty Line

Many people live below the world poverty line and are not able to take care of their families. Per Compassion International and UNDP, “Globally, 1.2 billion people (22% of the world’s population) live on less than $1.25 a day. Increasing the income poverty line to $2.50 a day raises the global income poverty rate to about 50 %, or 2.7 billion people.”[1] In many cases, people have to either do hard labor jobs or illegal activities in order to get some money. Often, it is not enough. If they had a small business or agriculture, it would be enough to raise them out of poverty in most cases.

The Bible and Poverty

God wants Christians to take care of those who are in need, including the poor. In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus separates the sheep and the goats and He makes clear that whatever we did for the poor and needy, we did it for Him.[2] In other words, when we serve the poor, we are serving Him. Even though Christians may not recognize the needy as Jesus, at the end of time, we will. Jesus wants those who believe in Him to have compassion on the poor and needy and to be moved to action.

Animals Produce Income for Families

Animals like goats and rabbits reproduce quickly. This provides families the ability to sell the animals for a good price. Also, having animals provides marketable items.[3] An example of this, is milk and other dairy products. In addition to providing an income for their family, it also provides a way for their children to get an education and necessities for families.

Samaritan’s Purse Provides Goats for Family

Alhasani’s husband died, leaving her a widow with one son and no income. She had no way to provide for her son, when all the sudden Samaritan’s Purse gave Alhasani a pair of goats. This provided an income through being able to sale the offspring of the goats and the milk made from the goats.[4] Alhasani and her family now have food for her and her son.

Gospel for Asia provides widow with income-producing rabbits

Tanvi’s husband died, which could mean in Asian culture, you have no value. Tanvi was struggling to survive and had no source of income. She started working a daily wage labor job, but even then, she did not have enough money to provide for her family. Sometimes, Tanvi had to borrow money from her mother, who could hardly provide for herself. Eventually, Tanvi was given a pair of rabbits by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Pastor Goral at a Gift Distribution.[5] These two rabbits reproduced quickly and Tanvi sold the offspring. She bought groceries with the income that she made.

Animals, when sold- are a great source of income and food for those who have none. With the income that is made, they can provide for themselves and their families. Giving animals is an example of Christ’s love for them and will provide for them.

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