Paris Peace Conference


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In January, right before President Trump was sworn into office, a group of international leaders met to discuss the Two-State Solution, or the giving the West Bank in Israel to the Palestinians.

Per Al Jazeera, “The [UN] resolution condemns all Israeli settlement activity as illegal and calls upon member states to distinguish in their dealings between Israel and the occupied territories.”

The Two-State Solution has been tested and has failed on multiple occasions. Many see the Two-State Solution as a debacle that does not bring the much-needed peace to the region.

YNet explains, “Of course the conference will not deal with the real obstacles to peace, like the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, so its results are like a chronicle foretold. Instead of bringing the sides closer, it is expected to push them away from the negotiating table, deepen the stalemate it is in and encourage violence.”

Also, the timing is bad. With the swearing in of President Trump, who is pro-Israel, there was no knowing how he will change the Two-State Solution when he got into office.

The Independent reports, “Ye Gods! Trump doesn’t receive ‘subliminal messages.’ He sends tweets. ‘Stay strong Israel.’ How do you answer that? But maybe the lads and lasses in Paris got the message. Not once did they utter the word ‘occupation’, let alone ‘apartheid.’”

The countries that met were from Western nations instead of getting the Palestinians and Israelite people together in a Middle Eastern country so they could talk it over.

Per YNet, “There is no doubt that the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians has to be restarted, yet not in the form of a pointless international conference but through a regional conference in a “2+6” format – in the presence of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Israel and the Palestinians, brokered by the United States and Russia, given the American transition of power and the new dynamics between the world powers.”

HeartCry missionary society started a work in Peru in 1988 and has spread out to countries around the world and “aid indigenous or native missionaries so that they might reach their own peoples and establish biblical churches among them.” One of the countries they work in, is Israel.

Heartcry explains the situation the church in Israel is in, “The professing church is grossly fragmented and complicated by the unending barrage of religious noise and confusion produced by the convergence of every creed under Christendom.”

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem in Israel and for many to come to know the Lord through Heartcry.

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