KP Yohannan & Wills Point, Texas Mayor Pray, Discuss COVID-19 Pandemic

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World) founded by Dr. KP Yohannan.

Wills Point, Texas Mayor Mark Turner visited Gospel for Asia’s headquarters to discuss the growing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic as it affects the local community and surrounding areas. A copy of their engaging conversation is available on the Facebook pages of Mayor Mark and Gospel for Asia (GFA) and at the end of this article.

Mayor Mark Turner visited Gospel for Asia headquarters to discuss the growing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic as it affects the community & surrounding areas.

The conversation urged the citizens of Wills Point and Van Zandt County to heed the advice and direction of officials responsible for the public health of the community.

Mayor Turner explained there were no shelter-in-place orders in Van Zandt County. However, he said that residents should act responsibly to observe State, Federal guidelines, and the Centers for Disease Control directives on preventing the spread of Coronavirus. So far, there have been only two confirmed cases in the county. Other sources indicated that one of those cases involved the death of a 47-year-old woman.

Although the local area has, for the most part, been bypassed by the virus, officials remain vigilant to ensure the continued safety of its citizens. In addition to reminding viewers of the already well-known sanitary and social distancing measures, Turner and Yohannan discussed ways Gospel for Asia (GFA) might be of service should the COVID-19 virus become a greater danger to the people of Texas.

As of this time (1:25 pm, CDT, April 2nd), the state of Texas has experienced 4,612 cases of the Coronavirus, of which all of them are current. The virus has claimed 68 lives statewide, which is roughly 1.3% of the entire country’s toll.

Mayor Turner was especially kind in expressing his thanks for the positive impact that Gospel for Asia (GFA) has had in the Wills Point community. He lauded the staff for their willingness to serve with giving hearts.

He encouraged Christians not to despair over temporary church closures during the pandemic. He reminded listeners that “the Church” is not a building. Rather, a building is where “the Church” gathers to worship. Dr. KP Yohannan agreed and confirmed that worship must be personal even when it cannot be collective. He urged believers to use social distancing as a time to draw closer to the Lord.

Before Yohannan led the two in prayer for the end of the virus, the mayor reiterated that the public should remain alert for and compliant with potential amendments to the county’s Disaster Declaration.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is grateful for the community of Wills Point and the hospitality it has demonstrated since Gospel for Asia (GFA) has made its home there.

Watch the video here:

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GFA’s Statement About Coronavirus

KP Yohannan has issued two statements about the COVID-19 sitation found here and here.


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