Amid COVID19, Non-Profit Works to Rescue Children from Public School

SAN DIEGO — With COVID19 coronavirus shutting government schools, millions of parents have a historic opportunity to try homeschooling and non-government alternatives, declared leaders with the new movement “Public School Exit.”

With COVID19 shutting government schools, millions of parents have a historic opportunity to try homeschooling and non-government alternativesAccording to the non-profit, founded in 2019 by Christian leaders passionate about K-12 education, government schools are seriously harming children through sexualization, indoctrination, and dumbing down.

But with schools closed across America due to COVID19, interest in home education and online options are surging.

PSE co-founder Dran Reese, president of The Salt & Light Council, called on ministry leaders to be involved.

“Pastors and church leaders have a huge role to play in equipping congregations with a biblical understanding of citizenship, and that includes education of children,” she said. “This pandemic is a perfect time for pastors on the sidelines to get involved.”

PSE co-founder Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore (Ret.), leader of Exodus Mandate and the Christian Education Initiative, has worked for decades to rescue children from “godless, pagan” government schools. “In all my years in this movement, I’ve never seen an opportunity like this,” he said, celebrating “this incredible chance to rescue millions from anti-Christian indoctrination.”

University professor Dr. Duke Pesta, who runs the online K-12 FreedomProject Academy, has years of experience delivering world-class education. “With the technology today, there are no more excuses for parents to send their children to public schools,” said Pesta, a leading critic of Common Core.

PSE co-founder Alex Newman, educator and president of Liberty Sentinel, sounded optimistic. “We hope that by educating parents and encouraging them to try homeschooling amid this crisis, the movement will grow by millions,” said Newman, co-author of best-seller Crimes of the Educators. “Hopefully, when public schools start back up, they will have a lot less victims.”

Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas joined the advisory board of PSE and is urging families to exit public schools immediately. “This is part of a 100-year or 150-year battle for the souls of our children,” said Douglas.

PSE leaders agree with President Trump: Nobody should be “trapped in failing government schools.”

About Public School Exit

Public School Exit exists to facilitate a massive exodus from public schools by raising awareness and removing barriers for parents, pastors, and children for getting out. In the years ahead, PSE leaders will scale up the effort, establish a scholarship fund, and develop partnerships with private schools nationwide.

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CONTACT: Alex Newman, Director, 786-231-3725,

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