Only 1/3 of Venezuelans Eat One or Two Meals Per Day

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Venezuela used to be an oil-rich nation, but since Maduro took over, things have been going downhill.

Fox News reports, “The once-wealthy oil producing nation has fallen on hard times since Nicolás Maduro took power following the death of socialist leader Hugo Chávez in 2013. A drop in global oil prices has crippled the country’s economy and Venezuela has been plagued with the worst inflation rate in the world, close to 700 percent last year, according to International Monetary Fund.”

With the huge inflation in the country, food prices have gone up. Most people are no longer able to afford the once staples of their diet including rice and beans. They can no longer afford meat either.

Per CNN, “Meat and chicken, which in 2015 were the fourth- and fifth-most purchased grocery products, respectively, were overtaken in 2016 by vegetables and tubers.”

Those living below the poverty line has skyrocketed in Venezuela, due to the major inflation and how it affected the currency.

CNBC explains, “Data from the latest Venezuela Living Conditions Survey (ENCOVI 2016) found around 81 percent of Venezuelan households are now living in income poverty, up from 75.6 percent in 2015.”
Those suffering the most are the mothers. Being good parents, they give most of the little food they have to their children, so they won’t starve to death.

CNN reports one comment of a mother trying to feed her children selflessly, “‘What I have at home is enough to give them a plain arepa, and it’s very little for each one,’” the woman, Grecia Gonzalez, told CNN en Español, referring to the traditional white corn cakes. “‘And for me, I don’t care about going without eating. As a mother you’re always thinking about feeding (your children).’”

Many Venezuelans have lost 19 pounds or more from the lack of food in this past year.

Per CNBC, “Meanwhile, 74.3 percent of the population lost an average of 8.7 kilos of weight, or 19 pounds, and around 9.6 million Venezuelans eat two or fewer meals a day.”

It is getting harder to do missionary work in Venezuela, because of restrictions on visas on those heading to the country.

Shuflin, a missionary in Venezuela said, “being the country with the second highest murder rate wasn’t enough, Venezuela’s new restrictions on tourist visas instituted last year have further discouraged American visitors. However, Shuflin believes that what Venezuelan people need more than anything at this time is to know Christ.”
Pray for the people of Venezuela, that the oil prices would go up so people can get food. Also, pray many Venezuelans would know Christ’s love through missionaries.

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