Newly Elected Gambian President Returns from Senegal


Adama Barrow, the newly elected President last December who had to flee to Senegal, because the former President wouldn’t step down finally returned in January.

Per CNN, “President Adama Barrow, who defeated longtime President Yahya Jammeh in a December election but waited in neighboring Senegal because Jammeh refused to surrender power on time last week, was greeted at the airport by large crowds as he landed in Gambia, according to a local journalist at the scene.”

When President Barrow’s plane touched down in the Gambia, people were celebrating and rejoicing.

BBC Reports, “The BBC’s Umaru Fofana in Banjul said that thousands of people had tried to force their way into the airport to see Mr Barrow return and they burst into celebration as soon as his plane touched down.”

The Former-President Jammeh ruled for 22 years and refused to step down until thousands of troops from other nearby nations came in and forced him to do so. Jammeh left the Gambia with all his assets.

The Guardian explains, “Jammeh eventually left the Gambia, which he had ruled for 22 years, at the weekend after thousands of troops from other west African nations entered the country and he secured a deal that allowed him to escape prosecution and keep much of his assets.”

President Adama, promised to be different from his predecessor by allowing greater freedoms for the citizens of the Gambia.

Per BBC, “‘We have been living under dictatorship for 22 years. You can go home at night and sleep without worrying you will be arrested before daybreak’ he said.”

These reforms will help bring reform to the prison system and other areas of life. President Barrow recognizes it will not be easy, because they are deeply rooted into Gambian society.

The Guardian reports, “During the election campaign, Barrow promised wide-ranging reforms to overturn many of the authoritarian policies of Jammeh, who was accused of imprisoning, torturing and killing his political opponents.”

IMWA is seeking to share Christ’s love with the people of the Gambia through training up national missionaries.

IMWA explains, “IM is simply doing what should be done at this stage in the process – it’s high time for Gambians to take over the job that missionaries have been doing.”

Please pray for the nationals as they take over the job of missionaries, that they would know how to best share Christ’s love with their own people and that there would be political reform in Gambia.

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