25 Afghans Trust Christ While Watching Satellite TV Broadcast

NICOSIA, Cyprus (28 February 2018) – The vision of SAT-7 International is “to see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture.”

The seeds of the ministry that would become SAT-7 International were sown in the late 1980s when Dr. Terence Ascott noticed a family sitting on the cement floor of the unfinished building that was their home. What captured his attention was that, despite their lack of so much, they were watching television. He realized that television might be a useful tool in reaching people in the MENA regions, many of whom are part of a largely oral culture who would not be reached effectively with printed literature.

Today, SAT-7 broadcasts in three languages over five channels to 21 million viewers in 25 countries.

Recently, a young Afghan viewer was so amazed at what he was learning about Jesus that he called a counselor at the station so that he could find out where Jesus lives so that he could meet him.

That young man shared what he had seen and heard with one of his friends. He called the station again, this time with his friend, who also wanted to learn more about Jesus. The results of that conversation led to yet another a week later. This time there were 25 people in the apartment. All 25 prayed together to receive Christ.

Another week later, the Afghans made another call to SAT-7. There were 50 people on the call.

The group (or groups) are continuing to meet. They have asked to be able to meet other Christians, how to find a pastor, and how to start a church. SAT-7 personnel have assured them that they will continue to remain in contact and help however they can.


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