30 Years of Gratitude: Christians in Chiapas March for Peace

CHIAPAS — In a testimony of faith, more than 20,000 Christians gathered in Tuxtla Gutiérrez for the Day of Thanksgiving to God for peace in Chiapas. This event, which began three decades ago, has become a symbol of hope and reconciliation in the region

Recently, in Tuxla Gutierrez, the Day of Action of “Thank you God for Peace in Chiapas” took place, with the participation of more than 20,000 evangelists.

Thirty years ago, before the armed uprising of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Pastor Josue Perez Pardo called for a time of prayer in a caravan for peace in the capital of the state. Since then, the Church “Jesus is the Way” and the Ministry of Jesus Christ “Safe Hope” organize the event. From various denominations, the Christian community joins in gratitude to God.

In this edition number 30, a contingent from the East and another from the West, take place the “Great Testimony March”. In it, local, national and foreign Christians participate, sharing with his step the message of love, hope and salvation.

Pastor Gabriel Hernández shares his feelings about this day.

Pastor Gabriel Hernández:

We are very happy to celebrate our 30 years of action of “Thank you God”. We can see this beautiful contingent. When Christ comes to our hearts, He gives us peace, He gives us joy and joy. That is the first peace that the world needs, that the Chiapaneca Mexican families need.

Hundreds of people are part of the great logistics. This waitress externalizes her gratitude.


I am very happy, I don’t care about the heat, because we serve a living God, a God who deserves everything, who gave everything for us, and sometimes, many times, we don’t give anything for Him.

The great march of testimony concluded in the Central Park, and for the first time in the history of Mexico, The message of salvation was broadcast on more than 20 secular television channels and 40 local and national radio stations.

Sharing from the heart of Chiapas, our capital city, Tustla Gutierrez, this is our central park, the blessing of proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the safe hope for the whole family. Various ministries and talents were part of the celebration. The motto of this year was “For the love of God, for the love of Mexico and for the love of Chiapas, I will not be silent.”

Enrique Concilco expressed the position of the Church in Chiapas through a song.

The apostle Josue Perez Pardo, pioneer of the event, concluded with this message.

Josue Perez Pardo:

Chiapas does not forget the favors of God. And 30 years ago, the Lord showed his mercy in a very difficult moment.

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