Digital Surveillance Against Christians in China Increases

CHINA — In a context of growing digital surveillance in China, Ming, a faithful Christian, faces increasing challenges in sharing the Gospel. As persecution intensifies, constant monitoring, and restrictions on religious freedom, Ming finds himself at a crossroads between his faith and the threats posed by the regime.


I feel like I’m being watched.

Increased digital surveillance in China is making it harder for Ming to follow Jesus.


I know that God called me to share the gospel by distributing Bibles. This is a huge risk. They could arrest me, interrogate me, and even imprison me.

Ming’s fear came true. But somehow he avoided jail time.


I knew it would be harder to dodge the police, and I’d have to live even more cautiously. I’m not allowed to attend church or even own a Bible anymore. Sometimes I feel isolated and alone. The police still search my house. People are motivated to report suspicious Christian activities.

Open Doors partners regularly visit Ming to encourage him in his faith and provide spiritual, practice and financial support.


I know I am with a brother who cares, who nourishes my relationship with the Lord.

Every day, Ming is at risk of being arrested and imprisoned for sharing the gospel. Digital persecution, monitoring and surveillance are increasing in China and many other countries.

Your prayers and support can help believers like Ming to continue courageously serving God.

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