A Church Always on the Run in Colombia

COLOMBIA — In Viviana’s* community, meeting together as Christians is impossible. But God has blessed believers with courage and creativity to help them gather – which means church in Colombia looks a little bit different.

*name changed and voice adjusted for security reasons


We do not have a church and we cannot say, “In this community, I am going to go and gather so many people and I am going to evangelise.” You can’t do that, so you have to be discreet.

Viviana is from an indigenous community in the mountains of northern Colombia, where traditional beliefs and practices leave no place for the gospel.


When the community finds out that someone is a Christian, they would take them to the ‘house of reflection’, as they call it, which is a locked house. And like a prison, you can be totally isolated or you can be with someone else, but you have no right to anything there. until you say, “I am not going to be a Christian anymore.” And if you don’t, you can be expelled.

To keep their faith secret, Christians gather in a remote location where other community members won’t discover them.


We are an invisible church, because we do not have the freedom to speak about the Word of God. So that is why we have meetings, meeting points that not everyone knows about, but only those who are going to be there. And those who are not there do not know where we went or what we went for.

In recent years, meetings have become even more difficult for believers after some of them were caught. Now the women have set up a weaving project, which gives them a reason to meet up away from the community and an opportunity to talk about their faith.


What motivates me to talk about Christ to other people is that I think it is a wonderful thing. You change your way of thinking, maybe even your way of living.

Open Doors local partners are supporting Viviana’s community to stand firm in the faith and continue to share the Gospel.

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