Christ for all Nations Launches Historic Cape Town to Cairo Campaign

AFRICA — Christ for all Nations (CfaN) has embarked on a historic series of gospel campaigns across Africa. This epic undertaking of 50 gospel campaigns from Cape Town to Cairo, led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, follows the 50th-anniversary launch event in Cape Town and started on February 21st, 2024.

These events are expected to draw vast multitudes, with the ministry anticipating an influx of new believers—adding significantly to the already 90 million documented decisions for Christ through their ministry over the past five decades.

Evangelistic ministry Christ for all Nations (CfaN) has embarked on a historic series of 50 gospel campaigns across the continent of Africa from Cape Town to Cairo throughout this year. This epic undertaking, led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, was launched at the ministry’s 50th-anniversary event in Cape Town on February 21st.

John Mitchell Executive Director of Christ for all Nations Canada explains how they plan to coordinate this ambitious outreach through the mobilization of thousands of next generation evangelists.

John MitchellChrist for all Nations Canada Executive Director:

Today we have trained over 2,000 evangelists at our evangelism bootcamps in Orlando, Florida. And they are already going out into all the world. And so these 50 crusades we will have teams of evangelists going out ahead of the five nights of crusade meetings in these 50 cities. They will be going into all these cities. They’ll be preparing the ground. And the five nights of the crusades, they will be preaching. And evangelist Daniel Kolanda will be going to one meeting in each of those 50 cities to preach the Gospel.

Mitchell says they have high expectations of the spiritual impact this campaign will have on the continent of Africa.


Well we believe the impact is already significant. We have seen as of last week, we have just passed 90 million registered decisions for Jesus Christ. Every single one of these new believers will be ushered into a new church for discipleship. And we believe by the end of this year by the team we reach Cairo we will have surpassed 10 million souls saved this year. That’s over 100 million registered decisions for Jesus. We believe that will have significant influence not only on the countries we’ve visited but on the whole continent of Africa

And that significant response is part of Christ For All Nations target of seeing a total of 150 million people saved during what they’re calling a decade of double harvest. Peter Wooding reporting for the Global News Alliance.

About Christ For All Nations

Christ for all Nations (CfaN) is the global evangelistic ministry of Daniel Kolenda. Founded by Reinhard Bonnke in 1974, CfaN conducts large-scale evangelistic campaigns worldwide, focusing on Africa, bringing the Gospel message, and leading people to Christ. The organization’s mission is to spread the message of salvation, equip local churches, and empower leaders to continue the work of evangelism and discipleship in their communities.

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