A Year of War in Ukraine–Street Interviews about God

KYIV, UKRAINE — One year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, FEBC’s broadcasters interviews everyday Ukrainians how the war has affected them. How has the suffering of the past year affected their view of God? Honest responses from Christians and non-Christians underscore the deep spiritual needs of Ukraine during such a time as this.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine irreversibly changed Ukraine and its people. But how are everyday Ukrainians processing the war? And what did they believe now about God in light of all of has happened?

What has changed since the war began?

Woman 1:

It has gotten harder. But what is there to do? During a time like this, we need to bear it, we need to believe that everything will be okay.

Have you noticed yourself turning to God more since the war?

Woman 1:

Yes, everyday. I pray that everything would be okay, that everyone would be healthy and alive, The boys on the frontlines, and the people near to me. Because, well,what else can I do?

If you could ask God a question, what would you ask?

Woman 1:

Why isn’t He helping us more? So that things would go better. So that everyone would still be alive. I’m sorry, I can’t.

Have you started turning more to God in prayer?

Man 1:

If I’m honest, I didn’t because I start to think that, I don’t know, I have this thought, “Where was God when all this happened?”

Is the war God’s fault?

Man 1:

No, no, no. Not Him. This is not… This is not His fault, but, how can you trust God when everything is going the way it is? Everything is not alright

How has the way you relate to God changed because of the war?

Woman 2:

A lot, it changed a lot. I started believing and trusting in Him more. I’ve been here in Mykolaiv for the entire war, under heavy shelling. I was worried about my family and myself, so I had to believe.

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