Hope in Syria After the Earthquakes: Pastor Ibrahim

SYRIA — In a recent video interview, Pastor Ibrahim from Syria discussed the challenges his community has faced following a devastating earthquake. In the interview, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing prayer during difficult times and fostering a deep relationship with God.

Pastor Ibrahim shared how his church is helping the victims of the earthquake and the importance of compassion, strength, and support to move from emergency mode to building a strong future. This inspiring message of hope and faith seeks to encourage people to come together in prayer and support for those affected by the earthquake. Watch his message below:

Pastor Ibrahim:

I felt did you forget us God? Did you leave us like you left Jesus on the Cross? Do we have to be on the cross? Then I had another opposite feeling: after the cross is the resurrection.

If people want to help us, it is crucial to prioritise prayer because we know we are one church everywhere and we are created in the image of God. I ask people to pray for renewal every day. And for us to have a genuine deep relationship with God people now need solidarity, compassion, strength and support to stand up.

The church would then move from an emergency mode to building the future. This is the key.

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