Adolescents Are More Open to Jesus Than Previous Generations

SPAIN — Several Christian entities presented a comprehensive study on how Adolescents perceive Jesus, the Bible, and justice in different countries around the world.

According to a recent report, teenagers admire Jesus for his compassion, forgiveness, and interest in others.

“The Open Generation” is an international research study conducted by the Barna Group.

46% of teenagers globally believe that Jesus offers hope.

58% of Christian teenagers globally believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

“The teenagers are open to Jesus, the Bible, and justice. Their commitment to these three realities intertwines and enhances,” states the report.

The research “offers an emotional portrait of a digitally connected and empowered generation.”

Nearly half of the teenagers believe that Christian leaders should play an important role in the fight against injustice.

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About The Open Generation Project

The Open Generation is a global research project that aims to understand the views and values of Gen Z teenagers and how they relate to Jesus, the Bible and justice. It is a collaboration between Barna Group, a leading research organization, and several Christian partners, such as Biblica, World Vision and Alpha. The project surveyed over 15,000 teens from 25 countries, making it the largest study of its kind in Barna’s history. The project also provides resources and insights for church leaders, parents and youth workers who want to engage with this generation and help them discover the way, the truth and the life that Jesus offers.

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