Child Evangelism Fellowship Aims to Reach 100 Million Children with the Gospel

ST. LOUIS — Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), one of the world’s leading child evangelism organizations, is reemphasizing its commitment to the Great Commission with a new slate of ambitious goals. CEF has been called by God to make it their highest priority to present the Gospel so children may be discipled in God’s Word. Their commitment is to:

  • Child Evangelism Fellowship has been called by God to make it their priority to present the Gospel so children may be discipled in God's Word
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    Reach approximately 26.5 million children in 2023.

  • Minister to 100 million children each year globally with the Gospel in the near future.
  • Increase the number of Good News Clubs®, which already serve children in about 3,500 American public schools.
  • Train hundreds of thousands of adults worldwide to reach more children for Christ.

“These goals might seem bold or improbable. But we are already sharing Christ with nearly 20 million children every year,” says Moises Esteves, executive vice president of Child Evangelism Fellowship ( “What may seem impossible to man is attainable with God, for Whom nothing is impossible.”

Child Evangelism Fellowship, which was founded in 1937, has been rapidly establishing Good News Clubs® in countries around the world for decades. Clubs are thriving in Belize, Ukraine, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and many other nations.

Last year, through CEF’s combined ministries, more than 19.5 million children worldwide heard the Good News. In 2022, more than 439,000 teachers were trained around the world.

CEF’s powerful in-person ministries include:

  • Good News Club®
  • 5-Day Club
  • Military Children’s Ministry
  • Christmas Party Club
  • Camp Good News
  • SPAN
  • Christian Youth in Action

Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust Jesus as their Savior. All the clubs have strong discipleship training to build moral character and strengthen spiritual growth. Each week, an exciting Bible lesson is presented using colorful materials from CEF. All children are encouraged to attend a local church.

Last year, more than 6 million children reached by CEF made professions of faith.

About Child Evangelism Fellowship

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is an international, nonprofit, Christian ministry that has been dedicated to seeing every child reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, discipled and established in a local church since 1937. CEF is located in all 50 American states and in most countries around the world, with over 3,500 paid staff and tens of thousands of volunteers around the world.

CONTACT: Hamilton Strategies, 610-584-1096, ext. 100,

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