Alabama Governor Calls State of Emergency




In early April, there was a series of storms in Alabama that was severe. Governor Brentley called a state of emergency.

Per WVTM 13, “Governor Robert Bentley on Tuesday declared a statewide State of Emergency in anticipation of severe weather moving through Alabama on Wednesday.” For those schools that were open (not on Spring Break), there were many closures.

Fox News reports, “Most of Georgia is on spring break this week, but the Griffin-Spalding County School System and public schools in Meriwether, which would normally have school on Wednesday, has decided to cancel classes, FOX 5 Atlanta reported.”

Not only were there thunderstorms expected, but also tornados and large hail. explains, “The state is bracing for long-track tornadoes, golf-ball-sized hail and high winds across several counties.”

Not only was there a State of Emergency called for Alabama, but also some soldiers from the National Guard.

WVTM 13 reports, “The State Emergency Operations Center in Clanton has been activated to level three, allowing AEMA staff to monitor the impact of the weather as it crosses the state. The governor has also activated 50 National Guard soldiers for preparation and response operations.” Alabama was not the only state that was looking out for severe weather. Georgia was also looking for tornados and hail.

Per Fox News, “In Georgia, meteorologist Laura Belanger says about 75 percent of the state could experience severe weather around sunrise, and ramp up after 2 p.m. Damaging winds and several tornadoes that could touch down for an extended amount of time from the front.”

The State of Emergency was a precautionary move. Since Alabama’s weather is always changing, it is hard to predict when it will turn bad.

Brentley said to WVTM 13, “I have issued a State of Emergency as a precautionary measure to ensure state resources are on standby and are ready to assist impacted communities should the need arise.”

The Alabama State Baptist Board of Missions was on the alert to see what the outcome of the severe weather in Alabama would be and whether their services would be needed to help the National Guard after the severe storms hit.

The Alabama Baptist explains, “Disaster Relief teams working with the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions also will be activated if needed. At least two areas in the southern part of the state are currently being assisted by DR teams because of the damage from storms that went through the state yesterday.” Please pray for those who were affected by these storms, that many would come to know the Lord through the disaster relief workers.

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