Egyptian Christians in Trouble



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The Coptic Church in Egypt is in trouble. ISIS has vowed to eradicate the Church in Egypt.

Per Fox News, “ISIS recently released a video in which they call for ‘fellow jihadists’ to murder the Coptic Christians of Al Arish which they refer to as their ‘favorite prey.’”

ISIS attacked the city of Al-Arish. This forced many Christians to flee the city.

CNN explains, “While the Christian population of this city has had to flee from threats before, their plight has taken a dark turn in 2017. With a recent call from ISIS for the Copts on the peninsula to be killed; over 100 families had to flee amid attacks and even the executions of their loved ones.” This violence against Christians in Egypt is not confined to one city. ISIS wants to eradicate Christianity from all of Egypt.

Fox News reports, “In the 20-minute video, ISIS claims responsibility for the January bombing of the central Coptic church in Cairo that killed nearly 30 people, saying that it was only the beginning.”

Though it is not known how many Christians there are in Egypt, official estimates say that 10% of Egypt’s population is Christian.

Per CNN, “Egypt’s Christians make up 10% of the population, according to researchers and rights groups; they are the largest minority in the Middle East. Official statistics from the government are not available as it tries to brush aside accusations of discrimination and rooted sectarianism.”

In Northern Sinai, the number of Egyptian Copts from 2011 has dwindled from a population of 5,000 due to aggressive attacks.

Fox News explains, “Christians in northern Sinai have been fleeing in droves in recent years because of the militant threats, and the community that before 2011 numbered up to 5,000 has now dwindled to fewer than 1,000, according to The Associated Press. There are no official statistics on the number of Christians in cities or across the country.”

Christians are blamed for the current President’s rise to power.

CNN reports, “Speaking to CNN, Nabila Halim’s sister, Nagwa, said that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi would not abandon them. ISIS and other radical Islamist groups blame Egypt’s Christian population for Sisi’s rise to power.”

SAT-7, a Christian television broadcast station, seeks to bring the Good News to Egyptians and others in the Middle East.

According to Mission Network News, reporting on SAT-7 shows, “Plus, biblical values are incorporated into the shows.”

Please pray for the Copts of Egypt, that God would give them peace. Also, pray for more people to come to know the Lord.

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