Aleppo Pastor Opens Up Church to Help Earthquake Victims

ALEPPO, SYRIA — After the earthquake struck Syria Open Doors partner Pastor Abdalla immediately opened up his church in Aleppo to provide help for the survivors. He shares what it was like the day of the disaster and how they are providing support to their community.

Pastor AbdallaOpen Doors Partner in Aleppo, Syria:

When I woke up I was in an area outside Aleppo. I was sleeping and the bed began to shake beneath me. I went down quickly only to see the surrounding buildings falling down due to the mighty earthquake. We got together in the square in front of the buildings.

I got in touch with my contacts and I learn that they all went out in the streets out of fear and because they were great overwhelmed. I quickly searched for a taxi to take me to Aleppo. And while I was on my way there, another earthquake of the same kind hit again.

After the first earthquake calmed down the people started to go back into their homes. But the second earthquake caused them great fear. Then, while I was on my way to Aleppo I called and asked them to open the church and let people into the church. And so people started to gather inside the church so that we would be able to help them in this difficult time.

As soon as I arrived I went to the church where people had gathered. People were so scared; their fear was so great. Even when other mild earthquakes would strike people would instantly go into the streets because they were so scared and anxious. I could see the panic in their eyes and I realized that they were frantic but they couldn’t express their fear in words and they couldn’t tell what happened to them.

I was very touched to see that now they felt safe and that God saved them and they got the chance to survive despite everything that happened. Of course we could see that people came to this place because they needed someone to look after them. So we the service team hurried to bring them food to eat and drinks.

We turned on the generators. As you know there is no electricity in the country. We need prayers because we need God to strengthen us, as we are not even able to sleep. And we need people who are ready to volunteer and put in their efforts; people who can do something to make a difference in this place at this difficult time.

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