Historic Turkish Church Destroyed in Earthquake

ANTAKYA, TURKEY — While the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria continues to mount, this unprecedented disaster has also destroyed many church buildings.

Soner with Shema Media Group reports from the rubble of this church that had stood for at least 1,000 years in the city of Antakya in South-Central Turkey close to the Syrian border.

We are in Antakya and you can see that the church is very old… almost 1,000 years old, and there are many other churches similar to this one. Please pray for this place.

Antakya is a city that believers call Christian. Please pray for the Christians impacted by this disaster. Pray for refugee people because this place is well known, and it’s also very close to the Syrian border. Many Arabic people are living here and they have also lost their lives and loved ones.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Historic Turkish Church Destroyed in Earthquake

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