Anchored North Comes Under Attack for Video Testimony

UPLAND, California – Anchored North is making a global impact, reaching Millennials around the world with digital evangelism. The organization is reaching out to a mission field that no one even knew would exist 25 years ago.

Statistics say that more than 56 million Millennials are leaving the church. Just as Gospel for Asia (GFA) is careful to approach the unique needs of the communities to which we minister, so, too, has Anchored North focused on this generation whose characteristics, lifestyles, and desires are unique in the history of the world.

According to Anchored North, 60 billion videos are watched online every month and 33 percent of all online activity is spent watching videos. People are watching over 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook alone.

The essence of evangelism is taking the Gospel to where the people are and presenting the truth in a way that meets their needs. The internet has, to some extent, made a generation of reachable people unreachable. Anchored North is having a powerful impact reaching the online, visual generation with videos and films being viewed in over 180 countries.

The organization films people proclaiming redemption and transformation through Jesus Christ, then makes those videos available online – where more people are.

Now the Anchored North ministry has come under attack.

Earlier this month the group drew public criticism from LGBT groups after Anchored North produced a video about a lesbian girl who came to Christ. Her testimony of redemption and transformation went viral. Some began labeling Anchored North as a cult because of this young lady’s testimony.

Just as some nations are passing anti-conversion laws, anti-Christian groups are campaigning on a platform that “Any form of ‘therapy’ that attempts to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity is unethical and wrong.”

The opposition to the video has been intense, including accusations of brainwashing and death threats.

The video testimony of this girl’s amazing story of faith is available on Anchored North’s Facebook page.


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