Belize Man Prays for Bibles – God Answers

BELIZE – In November 2017, a team from Mission Cry in Fowlerville, Michigan was visiting Belize to deliver Bibles to school children. One morning, they arrived at the next school on their schedule only to discover that their meeting had been canceled.

While the group was discussing how to proceed, one of their Belizean hosts suggested going to another school about an hour’s drive away. It was possible that the school might allow them to visit and distribute Bibles there.

The team had no idea how they would be welcomed, but it soon became apparent that the Lord was the one who is in charge of their schedule.

The dean of the school welcomed them with open arms. According to Jason Woolford, Mission Cry Executive Director, the dean had prayed that morning, asking the Lord to send Bibles for the students. He had been praying specifically that the Bibles would arrive that day. The dean did not know where the Bibles would come from or how they would arrive; he just expected the Lord to answer.

Woolford explained the supernatural way that the Lord works. As one man prayed, God intervened and ordered the footsteps of others who were looking for His direction. “All of those kids got free Bibles and Christian books because that man, that morning, decided that he was not going to stand for anything other than the move of God. He understood that, with the living God inside him, he could pray and expect for God to do something glorious.”

Mission Cry sent $13 million worth of used Bibles and Christian books to 24 different countries in 2017. Mission Cry has distribution centers in the Philippines and in Kenya.


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