Bangladesh Mudslide Kills Over 140 People; Displaces Thousands



Photo by Sumon Mallick

Not only did Cyclone Mora cause massive flooding in Bangladesh, it also caused mudslides which took the life of over 140 people. Rescuers are having difficulty getting to these areas because of the mud.

Per The Hindu, “Rescuers struggled on Wednesday to reach villages hit by massive landslips that have killed at least 140 people while also burying roads and cutting power in southeastern Bangladesh, officials said.”

To get past the mud and debris blocking the village, rescue workers put up a portable bridge so they could get to areas affected by the mudslides. There were 4,500 people displaced in shelters.

Fox News reports, “With some roads collapsed and others blocked by mud, soldiers were erecting a portable bridge to reach the worst-hit district of Rangamati, where government shelters housed about half of the 4,500 people whose homes were swamped by mud and debris unleashed by the landslides Tuesday.”

Most of the victims are tribal people, who lived near the Bangladesh-India border.

Al Jazeera explains, “Many of the victims were from tribal communities in the remote hill district of Rangamati, close to the Indian border, where 98 people were killed when mudslides buried their homes.”

Both Cellphone and power was cut off from the region, making it difficult for information to come in quickly.

Per The Hindu, “Officials would not say whether there were people still missing, even as the death toll doubled overnight and it was reported that more districts were hit by landslips.” Rescue workers are still looking for people who are missing, so they can either rescue them or add to the death count.

Fox News explains, “Hundreds of rescuers — including soldiers, firefighters, police and volunteers — were still digging through vast piles of mud in search of bodies. But authorities would not say how many people might still be missing.”

This is one of the worst mudslides in recent history.

Al Jazeera reports, “‘This particular mudslide tragedy is one of the worst in recent years for Bangladesh,’ Al Jazeera’s Tanvir Chowdhury, reporting from the capital, Dhaka, said.” Gospel for Asia (GFA) Supported-Compassion Service teams is working in Bangladesh to help provide relief to the people affected by Cyclone and help them see the hope in Christ.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) reports, “Six churches led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors and 36 homes belonging to believers were destroyed or damaged after Cyclone Mora struck Bangladesh.”

Pray for those missing from the mudslides in Bangladesh would be found and that relief teams would be able to minister to the people of Bangladesh.

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