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Former-Prime Minister Theresa May called for the Parliament to vote on Brexit in January and whether the UK should go ahead.

CNN explains, “British Prime Minister Theresa May committed to placing a final Brexit deal to a vote in both houses of the UK parliament, as she outlined for the first time her plan for extracting Britain from the European Union.”

While Former-Prime Minister called for a clean break, Theresa May also desires a good trade-relationship with the European Union members

Bloomberg reports, “The pound surged after May’s speech, in which she set out for the first time that her government is determined to make a clean break from the EU and said she would give Parliament a vote on the final Brexit deal. While saying that she wanted the U.K. to be ‘a good friend and neighbor in every way’ to its former partners, she also warned them not to reject the model she was proposing.”

In the meantime, the European Union has been planning to come up with a plan that would punish the UK and make an example of them. Prime Minister May warned the EU not to punish them.

Per CNN, “May also warned other EU member states not to seek a ‘punitive’ deal for Britain in order to send a message to Euroskeptics in other countries. Such a move would be a ‘calamitous act of self-harm,’ she said.”

To those who were skeptical that the UK would leave the EU, she made a speech to the European Union that Britain would not backdown.

The Economist reports, “To the extent that such uncertainties persisted despite her endless choruses of ‘Brexit means Brexit’, as speech to EU ambassador in London on January 17th Mrs May put them to the sword.”

Prime Minister May made it clear that if everything didn’t go as planned, she was ready to walk away from negotiations from the EU.

Bloomberg explains, “She was also clear that she was prepared to walk away if she couldn’t get the deal she wanted. ‘We would still be able to trade with Europe,’ she said. ‘We would be free to strike trade deals across the world. And we would have the freedom to set the competitive tax rates and embrace the policies that would attract the world’s best companies and biggest investors to Britain.”

ABWE works in the UK where the churches are empty and people live in a post-Christian world.

ABWE reports, “Our goal is to help walk local churches through the gradual process of change and growth toward a renewed sense of Gospel fruitfulness and faithfulness. Our focus is on preaching, teaching, working with children and youth, women’s ministry, music, technology, and administration.”

Pray for all of those who are over the Brexit vote and negotiations, for wisdom. Also, pray for ABWE to be able to share Christ’s hope with those who are hurting in the UK.

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