Between Chaos and Hope: A Day of Prayer for Panama in Crisis

PANAMA — A turbulent crisis is shaking the Republic of Panama. Labor strikes, school closures, and roadblocks have paralyzed the nation.

The Republic of Panama has been paralyzed for more than three weeks by labor strikes, closed schools and roadblocks throughout the national territory. “Panamanians, I believe in democracy and as president, I understand the clamor of the voices that are manifesting on the particular.”

Before this panorama, the evangelical church, including pastors and ministers, have gathered to hold a fasting and prayer day for Panama. “Now, my God, I look for your love.” Pastor Edwin Álvarez, leader of the Apostolic Community Usana, spoke about this and called for the church not to remain quiet. “This fight of the church goes much further. And in the name of the Lord, we have the powerful weapons to destroy all that fortress.”

The situation in Panama continues to evolve, and the nation remains expectant of the result that the Supreme Court of Justice may declare. Several lawsuits of unconstitutionality have been filed against a controversial mining contract that has unleashed a serious crisis in the country. Now they eagerly await the failure of the Panamanian justice, which will determine the course of the waters and could restore peace and tranquility to the Canary Nation.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Between Chaos and Hope: Panama in Crisis

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