UK Volunteers Prepare YWAM Ship for Madagascar Medical Mission

MADAGASCAR — Each week a team of local volunteers in North Wales in the UK tirelessly gives of their time to convert YWAM’s latest vessel into a medical ship. They’ve set themselves the goal to have the Island Reach ship ready to set sail for Madagascar in April 2024 for its first medical mission.

Dedicated volunteers in Conway Harbour in North Wales and the UK are making the final renovations to YWAM’s Island Reach medical ship before it sets sail to Madagascar off the southeastern coast of Africa, where it will provide vital dental treatment in some of the hardest to reach communities.

Each week this hard-working team starts today with a time of worship and prayer before putting in countless hours to ensure the ship is ready for its first medical assignment to those in desperate need. The ship’s captain is Jeremy McWilliam.

Jeremy McWilliam:

We have a retired captain of the QE2, we have a retired chief engineer from Shell working on the boat. We have a whole bunch of them with different skills, painting, electricians, plumbers, all giving their time and their effort to the ship. We’re developing a sort of boat ministry fellowship here in Conway. We’re forming a really interesting team of maritime Christian people and possibly when Island Reach goes, we’re quite interested in developing a sailing ministry, a Christian sailing ministry that will continue here in Conway.

And these volunteers explain why they dedicate their time to transforming the Island Reach into a medical ship.

And the aim is for the island reach to set sail for Madagascar in April 2024.

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