Brexit Triggered in March

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On March 29, Prime Minister May triggered negotiations with the European Union to negotiate trade deals for Brexit.

Per CNN, “British Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50 on March 29, starting official Brexit negotiations between the UK and the European Union, her spokesman has confirmed.”

The British voted to leave the European Union by a short margin.

The HuffPost reported, “May’s government said her permanent envoy to the EU had informed European Council President Donald Tusk of the date when Britain intends to invoke Article 50 of its Lisbon Treaty – the mechanism for starting its exit after a referendum last June in which Britons voted by a 52-48 percent margin to leave the bloc.”

Although the clock for Brexit is counting down, it may take up to two years for all the negotiations to be finished.

The Guardian stated, “Instead he made clear that the government’s focus was set to turn solidly towards the country’s EU exit, which is now guaranteed to be complete by the end of March 2019.”

The initial negotiations would take four to six weeks to happen, because the 27 other countries in the European Union had to get its initial negotiations hammered out.

Per CNN, “Tusk’s spokesman, Preben Aamann, told CNN that the EU will require between four to six weeks to consult with the other 27 member states and hammer out an initial negotiating position.”

48 hours after the trigger, the European Union promised to send out the negotiating guidelines.

HuffPost reports, “The EU said it was ready to begin the negotiations and within 48 hours of the trigger on March 29, Tusk will send the other 27 member states his draft negotiating guidelines, which means that talks could start in May.”

One of the members of the EU said they would make an example of Britain to show it’s not worth leaving the European Union.

The Guardian states, “May’s decision to spell out the starting date came after Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that ‘Britain’s example will make everyone else realise that it’s not worth leaving.’”

Serving in Mission (SIM) has in the past worked to send out missionaries from the UK to other parts of the world to share Christ’s hope. Now, they’re seeking to send missionaries to the UK.

Per SIM, “We have always sent mission workers from the UK to work around the globe but, increasingly, we are seeing the need to bring cross-cultural gospel workers to this country. We want to work with churches to identify opportunities for cross-cultural service in the UK and then find the right people to fill those roles.”

Pray for Brexit to go smoothly. Pray for wisdom for the British government. Pray for more people in the UK to know Christ’s hope.

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