Somali Refugee Boat Shot


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In March, there was an attack on a boat holding Somali refugees. At least 46 people were killed and 39 were injured.

CNN reported, “At least 42 people died and 39 were injured in the Friday incident, the United Nations’ refugee agency said. Some 160 people reportedly were on board, according to the International Organization for Migration, or IOM.”

No one knew who exactly was responsible for the attacks. Two rebels said it was shot by a coalition Apache helicopter.

Per The Washington Post, “Two security officials in the Yemeni capital, which is controlled by Houthi rebels battling a Saudi-led coalition, said the attack was carried out by a coalition Apache helicopter. The claim could not immediately be confirmed.”

There have been conflicting accounts of what really happened.

CNN explains, “Authorities haven’t yet determined who was responsible for the attack. Witnesses have given conflicting accounts of whether a helicopter or a motorized military vessel opened fire on the boat, according to the IOM.”

The Pentagon explained there was no US aircraft involved in the attack on the refugees.

The Washington Post states, “A Pentagon spokesman, Adam Stump, said Friday that no U.S. aircraft were involved in the reported attack. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates operate U.S.-manufactured Apache helicopters in the Yemeni theater.”

The injured were in a hospital, receiving treatment and were shaken from the attack. Aid agencies in Yemen visited the survivors in the hospital.

CNN reported, “‘Those injured are receiving treatment in hospitals and are quite shaken,’ UNHCR Yemen said of those who survived the boat attack. ‘Our teams are visiting them and providing them with urgent support.’”

The dead and injured were carried by fishing boats to the port.

Per The Washington Post, “Abdulmalik Jarrallah, head of the Health Ministry office in Hodeida, said fishing boats carried dead and injured refugees to the port early Friday. ‘Some of the injured are in critical condition,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately we expect that the death toll will go up.’

The ongoing conflict in Yemen causes low medicine supplies in Yemen, meaning it is difficult to take care of those with medical needs.

CNN explains, “The ongoing conflict means medical supplies to treat survivors are limited, the agency’s spokeswoman in Yemen, Shabia Mantoo, told CNN Saturday.”

Christians in Yemen are sharing Christ’s hope with Muslims even though it may mean persecution.

Mission Network News states, “This is the backdrop against which the Body of Christ operates in Yemen. Windsor explains Yemen is a tribal society and leaving Islam is seen as a betrayal of the tribe — leaving Islam is punishable by death.”

Pray for an end to the conflict in Yemen. Pray for more people to come to know Christ’s hope. Pray for an end to terrorism in Yemen.

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