Case For Heaven Movie Gives Evidence for the Afterlife

NASHVILLE, TN — In THE CASE FOR HEAVEN, best-selling author and investigative journalist Lee Strobel explores the evidence for the afterlife in order to address man’s biggest fear: death. Inspired by his own brush with death, Strobel searches for answers to the most profound questions we all have, about heaven, hell, and Near-Death Experiences.

Featuring interviews with experts and skeptics, THE CASE FOR HEAVEN will challenge, encourage and inspire as Strobel dares to probe the most important question. If there is a heaven, can we prove it?

The best selling author of the Case For Christ is now on a mission to give evidence for the afterlife. Lee Strobel explains how his own close brush with death prompted him to write his latest book as well as have it made into the movie called The Case For Heaven.

The doctor looked down on me and said, ‘You’re one step away from a coma, two steps away from dying.’ And so I lingered there between life and death until they were able to save my life and that was a very clarifying experience because, when you’re on the verge of death like that, you want to know for sure what happens after my close my eyes for the last time in this world. So we’re very excited about the impact it can have to give hope that there is indeed hope that this life is not all there is.

The documentary film which includes the stories of people who had near death experiences was produced and directed by Mani Sandoval.

Truly, I want people to leave something behind in the theater. I hope it’s their doubts, their questions. Maybe some of the pain that they’ve suffered. Everyone has a unique experience and I pray that the film really truly meets people where they’re at and allows them to have one less questions and one more answer.

And churches are being encouraged to give their own screenings of the Case For Heaven.

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