Ukrainian Pastor Explains Why He is Defending His Country

KYIV, UKRAINE — Pastor Alec says he wants to bring Jesus to the people, which is why he has chosen to serve as a soldier to defend his country of Ukraine. FEBC Ukraine’s Senior Broadcaster Sergey Nakul found out more about what motivates Pastor Alec to risk his life to fight for his people.

Pastor Sergey NakulFEBC Ukraine Senior Broadcaster:

Dear friends, let me introduce my friend and pastor Alec Mardic. Alec has decided to defend his city and defend his country. So I think that all of you have the following questions. So, Alec, why have you decided to defend your country. Isn’t it better to run to Western border and just hide somewhere and just say ‘well I’m praying for people,’ and that’s enough? Why have you decided to do it as a pastor?

Pastor Alec:

Well of course it’s much better and easier to run and just pray. But Jesus didn’t wait for people to come to see Him. He went to be with people in order to preach the Gospel. And we’re taking the church to where people are. I’m doing this because I want my men to survive or die knowing God and that’s what I’m doing. I want to protect my land. I want to protect my home, my house, my people, my children. That’s what motivates me.

Pastor Sergey:

Thank you, brother. This is very encouraging and what text of the Holy Scriptures gives you power and encouragement in these times?

There is one. Society has nothing to do with what we’re going through but Isaiah 58:12 says, ‘You will rebuild the streets that are broke and the walls.” That’s what encourages me. That’s what I want to do rebuild destroyed cities physically and rebuild the nation spiritually.

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